The CRPC’s notification to travelers who have not received refund for trips organized but not executed by LLC “Prieks tūre”

Upon examining the available information, based on Article 40 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 380 “Regulations regarding the Procedure of Preparation and Provision of Package and Related Tourism Services and Rights and Duties of Providers of Package and Related Tourism Services and Travelers” adopted on 26th June 2018 (hereinafter – the Regulations), the CRPC notifies that LLC “Prieks Tūre” (Reg. No. 40003366030) (hereinafter – “Prieks Tūre”) has liquidity problems and is unable to fully or partially perform its commitments and provide its package travel services.

According to Section 1(1)(30) of the Tourism Law and Article 40 of the Regulations, rights to refund shall only be granted to travelers – natural or legal persons with rights to travel based on an agreement concerning provision of package tourism services, that is, a person who has signed an agreement concerning package tourism services (e.g. transportation services, accommodation in hotel and tour guide services) or on whose behalf such an agreement is signed and who has not received the respective package travel services.

The CRPC also explains that individual tourism services not provided or executed (e.g., flight or hotel bookings, purchase of travel insurance policy) shall not qualify as package travel services and, therefore, such consumers shall not have rights to receive refund from the security of “Prieks Tūre”. The cooperation partners of “Prieks Tūre” who have signed cooperation agreements with “Prieks Tūre” also will not have rights to refund. Furthermore, travelers have rights to refund a trip that has not taken place, only to the extent not refunded by “Prieks Tūre” or a tourism agent (cooperation partner of “Prieks Tūre”), for the trip-in-question. Such persons can use other legal remedies provided in the regulatory enactments, e.g. by applying to the court or the State Police.

The refund application should be executed by the use of the CRPC’s form attaching the documents specified in CRPC’s website (example of the completed form). All travelers who have signed a joint travel agreement (package travel services) must submit to the CRPC a joint refund application.

CRPC will calculate the amount to be repaid to the travelers proportionally to the number of travelers applied before 4th January 2019, the amounts paid by them and the amount of security. The CRPC invites travelers to thoroughly read the scheme (click here to view) depicting further actions to be taken by the CRPC.

The CRPC thanks all travelers who submitted to the CRPC information about activities of “Prieks Tūre” before publishing this notification. Information received from the travelers was crucial and useful for the CRPC to recognize the liquidity problems of “Prieks Tūre” and its failure to perform commitments.

In case of any questions or uncertainties as to filling-in the application or documents to be attached to the application, please call our helpline 65452554 or visit the CRPC’s Customer Service Centre at 55 Brivibas Street, Riga during visitor’s hours.

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Date of publication: 03.10.2018