The CRPC invites all travelers, to whom “Prieks Tūre” cannot perform its commitments, to submit an application to the CRPC, before 4th January 2019, to achieve refund of all payments made by the traveler or on the traveler’s behalf. This invitation also applies to all travelers who have already submitted an application to the CRPC with a request to help them in solving the dispute with "Prieks Tūre".
27.04.2018. The Consumer Rights Protection Centre has approved new “Guidelines for assessment of the consumers' ability to repay a loan to loan providers, providing loan services to consumers”. The guidelines provide that consumer loan providers will have to be more deeply and in more details sure about a consumer's ability to repay a loan.
The Consumer Rights Protection Center, in co-operation with the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics of the University of Latvia, conducted a study to clarify the reasons, conditions, situations and sales practices that encourage Latvian residents to use remote or payday loans, explore the experience of consumers in the borrowing process and repaying loans.